September 4, 2020

Best Attractions in Atlantic City That Aren’t Gambling

Atlantic City reverberates the clamour of casinos, nightlife, or boardwalk. There was a glorious past for Atlantic City as the principal contender of Las Vegas, engrossing its visitors in the exuberance of show talents, grandiose development, and amusing things to luxuriate in.

However, this gold plating has deteriorated over the past decade. The dazzling and glamorous city has become an occurrence of the past to an extent. The silver lining here is New Jersey’s relentless effort to breathe into life the sublime yesteryear of Atlantic City. If you have come here with your family and want a taste of a wholesome AC experience, you have a wide assortment to select from.

The Ocean

Even if the motive behind coming to Atlantic City was to revel in the lively casinos, there is a sheer expanse of the sparkling ocean waiting for you to relish the exploit of swimming. The beach is left at your discretion, and if you are fortunate, enough Mother Nature will bless you with delightful weather.

If you have your kids with you, don’t panic; you have the service of lifeguards from 10 AM to 6 PM. So, if they have been nagging you about it, you need not think twice about the safety aspect of it. If you love adventure and want to gratify yourself in an escapade over the crystal blue waters, you can venture into the exploit of kite surfing and kayaking.

If you savour food and the ocean equally, you can grab a quick meal from the boardwalk and feast on the glistening blue waters as you satiate your taste buds.


Steel Pier Amusement Park

The historical theme park of Atlantic City. This park is a 1000-foot-long park along the Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. This lavishes the park to be the harmonious blend of gorgeous panorama and family fun if you have arrived at AC with your toddler kids.

The utilisation of such a limited space is a reason for admiring Steel Pier. Though most of the rides cater to a younger audience, you still have the lively childlike nature brimming in you; you will enjoy this place—a cosy place to relive your childhood days between your action-packed gambling life.

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Atlantic City Aquarium

For those who want delight in a getaway from the roulette wheel and slot machines. If you are an aficionado of marine organisms, you have your magic bullet in the Atlantic City Aquarium.

Your eyes will feast on various marine exhibits, animal enclosures, sweeping tanks brimming with a marine ecosystem, and an overload of environmental information. The location of the aquarium is the legendary Gardner’s Basin, which bestows on you a plethora of places to revel in your favourite cuisine, water events, and shopping.


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