January 16, 2021

The Most Popular Casinos in Las Vegas

Travel is far from dead in places like Las Vegas. Here, we’ll briefly explore the 5 most popular casinos in Las Vegas. If you’re coming from afar, you’ll want the best, most interesting and full-service casinos available to suit every taste.

The Cosmopolitan

Known as the most checked-in hotel in Las Vegas, for those who like an Urban forward statement in architecture, style and amenities, this is the ideal hotel. They offer casino cabanas that are a nice intimate space to socialize while you break from gambling. They equip the casino with floor to ceiling glass that overlooks the best of the strip. Can you imagine the night view? No reservation is necessary to take part in any of the aforementioned amenities. Go to the Marquee Day Club and Marquee Night club so you can party on a 24/7 schedule whenever you choose. There’re free parties and live music all the time. If movies are your thing, you can take one in on the 65-foot digital screen. In the past, concert names have appeared such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stevie Wonder.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

This is not only a popular one, but it’s well-known even by those that have never travelled to Las Vegas. This is a hotel for the kid in the adult. All of Las Vegas is, but some hotels are just a lot of fun and this is one of them. First, for those who travel afar because they love to gamble, then this is the hotel that boasts the largest casino in the city. If you’re an eco-conscious gambler then the renovation in this hotel that cost them $160 million features LED lighting, solar shades and biodegradable amenities, The fun comes in for those who are rocker wannabes. You can attend the rocker fantasy camp and play alongside rock legends like Sammy Hagar and Alice Cooper.

Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is a Las Vegas icon and one of the oldest and most popular. If you’re a high-roller, then this hotel is made for you because that’s the niche it boasts—million-dollar slots and more than any other casino in the world. It has two poker rooms, one for cash and the other for tournaments. Sports gamers have a great setup there too plenty of seats with TVs on tables. The shows are second to none, with big names like Celine Dion and Shania Twain to name a few that have graced this space. The buffet is one of the few ones like it called the Bacchanal Buffet with 500 dishes covering the culinary planet.

New York New York Hotel and Casino

Do you love New York? This hotel boasts all the great NYC attractions and built them into one property. If you want to bring the family, it’s one of the most family-friendly hotel and casinos on the strip with affordable room rates and fun things to do both inside and outside the realm of gambling. The shows a bit different too like Cirque Du Soliel, Zumanity and restaurants like Gallagher’s steakhouse. The gaming area has 84,000 square feet of Central Park replication. There are also arcade-style gaming.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio is famous for many things but the one thing most people know it for is fountains that dance to the synchrony of music every night. The next best-known attraction at the Bellagio is the revolving flower displays. The hotel can satisfy all age groups and the seasoned poker players are way ahead of the game, so to speak and know the Bellagio for the “big game”. Those are the top 5. Since you may travel afar and you aren’t able to get into those, let’s look at a couple more that we think are just fantastic and also well-known.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino

You know this one—the Pyramid shaped hotel with the laser light that shines so high they can—and this is a fact; see it from space. The replications of Cleopatra’s Needle, the Sphinx, and the grand temple of Ramses the II are there. Nothing has changed in that realm in 30 years, but they updated the inside and rooms and there’s a sky bridge that will connect you to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. If you like the weird and wonderful comics like carrot top, you’ll love the shows they offer at the Luxor.

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino

The Venetian has Poker tables that are comparable to the Bellagio, but with better wait times for tables. You can download the sports betting app and take part in wagering on your mobile. Other than the gambling, the Venetian boasts the obvious in the most fantastic way. Love Italia? Then, step into a Venice with Gondoliers singing, gelato and amazing food. Like Bourbon? Down in the Bourbon room, you can sample 28 different Bourbons and several beers.

The Mandalay Bay

Just a walk across the sky bridge from the Luxor is the Mandalay Bay. They gear this hotel and casino to high rollers, but they also cater very well to those with a more frugal gambling bone. Bring your nickels and quarters and you’ll gravitate to those plentiful slots to try your luck. Got kids? Or, for the kid in you enjoy the 11-acre water park with amazing beaches and water fun.

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