August 21, 2020

The Most Profitable Countries for Gambling

Concurrently, the gambling industry has witnessed a gargantuan growth with an influx in countries legalizing gambling and with an amplified number of people enjoying access to casinos. This has aided gambling in attaining the stature of a thrilling variant of amusement. However, the unrivalled bulwarks of gambling are relished by Las Vegas and Macau. At the same time, specific countries appear to be principal for gamblers in a comprehensive manner, while many others promise behemoth pay-outs for gamblers.

The Most Profitable Countries for Gamblers

There are numerous countries that do not tax gambling winnings, yet there are always exceptions. These notable exceptions include Spain and the US, where your winnings are taxed as part of personal income at a rate of 10% to 40%. However, if you can verify your losses, you could reduce your tax implications.

Winners in France pay a 12% tax every time they win more than 1500 Euros. At the same time, in Norway, only over NOK 10,000 are taxable when the winnings are from outside the country. However, Germany is the magic bullet for gamblers considering the augmented wins and minimised losses.

Germany does not facilitate the system of paying tax on gambling winnings and has the added incentive of possessing the lowest rates of betting losses per capita. The diminished ubiquity of compulsive gambling paired with a mammoth gambling industry, makes Berlin the antidote for a gambler.


Where Do Most Progressive Jackpot Winners Reside?

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot is Herculean. Your chance of winning is 1 in 7,484,400. This means your odds of emerging triumphant is implausible; you might transcend into a Hollywood celebrity but not have won a single slot.

However, Lady Luck has bequeathed her good fortune on some of the gamblers who are lucky enough to have won it and hail from the same countries. While examining the titles of Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, and Mega Moolah, of which top-notch ten champions three were based in Finland, three from Sweden, two were residents of the UK, and another two were from Norway.

For Lady Luck to endow you with a passionate stroke in progressive slots, you might have to relocate to a Scandinavian country.

Progressive Jackpot

Countries with Colossal Gambling Industries

No country can outstrip the US and China, the two most impressive lucrative gambling markets across the globe. China is the paramount gambling market with a $37.9 billion profit, closely followed by the US with $30.4 billion. These profits are much amplified than the Hollywood industry, which ushers $11.4 billion at the box office.

In comparison, when you analyse the highest per capita profits in the gambling industry, Australia tops the first three. This is facilitated by an average $736 loss per individual, which is then directly escorted into the operators’ resources. However, this country guides a massive pokies culture resurgence, with one for every 114 people in the country.


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