August 15, 2020

Top 3 Casino Cities You Must Visit Other than Vegas and Macau

There are a lot of casinos present in the world but Las Vegas and Macau are the only places we know? Do not worry; we are here to help you out. Why not we go for a hunt to find some of the best casino cities other than Macau and Vegas? Of course, the casinos are fun and filled with joy, but who doesn’t love a change in their gambling life? If you are looking for something special and an evening filled with entertainment and merriment, check these top casinos found in the different parts of the world. Without much ado, let us go deep into the article.

MGM National Harbor

If you ever visit the United States, you know where to head, MGM National Harbor of course! The place is an exquisite space filled with fun and games. The casinos found in MGM National Harbor are filled with beautiful sites situated at the aisles of Potomac River. The place is sure to bring a Vegas to feel into your inner self the moment you step inside the casino premises. One can find amazing spa space with grant casino floors with tables filled with coins and tingling of cocktails. Perhaps you might have heard of Marcus Samuelsson and Jose Andres, yes, the great celebrity Chefs! What if we say MGM National Harbour have their restaurants in them? Not only that, if you wish to go for a short trip to Washington D. C. and the White House they are just a few minutes away from this auspicious casino.

MGM National Harbor

The Caribbean

The second one on the list is none other than The Caribbean! Of course, the Caribbean is famous for its calm waters and tropical drinks, but one thing we don’t know about the land is that it is also famous for casinos! There are a lot of casinos found in the land. Royal Beach Casino in St. Kitts or the Renaissance Curacao is famous for its reels and luck in Jackpots. Not only that, but the Atlantis and Bahamas are very famous for its top-notch in offering 85 gambling card games. Imagine a relaxed evening with a beach site and gambling to your heart’s content.

Bay Sands

The third casino that does not fall under Vegas and Macau is situated in Bay Sands. Bay Sand is situated at the base of Singapore and is worth visiting. The building as well the premises cost around $5.5 billion to construct. Even though the amount is huge, the place is amazingly filled with casinos and fun. The place is an astounding sculpture of a building having many floors where you can find SkyPark on the 57th floor. You might wonder what is very peculiar about the place. Well, it is the only place found on land that has 500 Tables games and more than 2500 slot machines exclusively for its customers to play the entire evening.

Casino City
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