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January 16, 2021

The Most Popular Casinos in Las Vegas

Travel is far from dead in places like Las Vegas. Here, we’ll briefly explore the 5 most popular casinos in Las Vegas. If you’re coming from afar, you’ll want the best, most interesting and full-service casinos available to suit every taste. The Cosmopolitan Known as the most checked-in hotel in Las Vegas, for those who […]

Casino City
September 8, 2020

A Short Trip to Some of the Famous Casino Cities!

From the year 1638 till now, the casino has been a favorite space for the gamblers to relax, gamble, and communicate leaving the stress of the tiring day outside the house. The casino has always been merriment and a medium to spend the evening to all age groups once they attain the legal gambling age. The sound of coins hitting the slot machine and shuffling cards with the tingling of vodka glasses is everything that is needed to make your evening blissful. In this article, we have occupied some of the best casinos found around the world. If you ever wish to visit and gamble at a land-based casino, you can try visiting those listed below. Without much ado, let us go right into the article.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Situated at the base of the beautiful Maritime Alps, Monte Carlo, Monaco is one of the best destinations for a casino that is worth visiting. The place is specially made to attract elite and high rollers. The casino is also considered as one of the most exquisite and traditional casinos built around the 19th century. Being one of the oldest casinos found of planet earth, Monte Carlo is very strict when it comes to clothing. Don’t even bother to wear flip-flops and shorts. The casino is classic and so rules for customers to be classic. The place is known to leave you speechless and the architecture will make you filled with awe!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Marina Bay, Singapore

Known to be an Instagrammed luxury place and diva, Marina Bay, Singapore, is known to house one of the best casinos as well as the greatest pool. Even though the land is having strict consideration for gambling, one can find a beautiful casino here, and is a perfect place to spend the evening. The surroundings and the architecture are enough to make you drop your mouth! The casino consists of a variety of gambling games, clubs, and even the most extravagant suits for their customers. It is an ideal place for the novice as well as professional gamblers to explore more in the gambling space.

Paris, France

Perhaps the first thought that crosses your mind is the Eiffel tower when you think of Paris. But, one of the crazy facts about the city is that it is home to some of the beautiful and luxurious casinos. The land has some of the extraordinary casinos like Cercle Haussman. This particular casino offers a wide range of tables for blackjack alone. You can also see one of the oldest casinos here named Aviation Club de France which was established in the year 1907.

Paris, France

Reno, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas and Macau are known for its casino houses and gamblers, Reno, Nevada, USA are no different from these places. If you ever visit the USA, make sure you get into Reno, where the place is home to more than 20 casinos! Known as The Biggest Little Town in the World, the city attracts many tourists as well as gamblers. Do not be hesitant to play at Reno as the city has got some of the best casinos worth gambling.

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September 4, 2020

Best Attractions in Atlantic City That Aren’t Gambling

Atlantic City reverberates the clamour of casinos, nightlife, or boardwalk. There was a glorious past for Atlantic City as the principal contender of Las Vegas, engrossing its visitors in the exuberance of show talents, grandiose development, and amusing things to luxuriate in.

However, this gold plating has deteriorated over the past decade. The dazzling and glamorous city has become an occurrence of the past to an extent. The silver lining here is New Jersey’s relentless effort to breathe into life the sublime yesteryear of Atlantic City. If you have come here with your family and want a taste of a wholesome AC experience, you have a wide assortment to select from.

The Ocean

Even if the motive behind coming to Atlantic City was to revel in the lively casinos, there is a sheer expanse of the sparkling ocean waiting for you to relish the exploit of swimming. The beach is left at your discretion, and if you are fortunate, enough Mother Nature will bless you with delightful weather.

If you have your kids with you, don’t panic; you have the service of lifeguards from 10 AM to 6 PM. So, if they have been nagging you about it, you need not think twice about the safety aspect of it. If you love adventure and want to gratify yourself in an escapade over the crystal blue waters, you can venture into the exploit of kite surfing and kayaking.

If you savour food and the ocean equally, you can grab a quick meal from the boardwalk and feast on the glistening blue waters as you satiate your taste buds.


Steel Pier Amusement Park

The historical theme park of Atlantic City. This park is a 1000-foot-long park along the Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. This lavishes the park to be the harmonious blend of gorgeous panorama and family fun if you have arrived at AC with your toddler kids.

The utilisation of such a limited space is a reason for admiring Steel Pier. Though most of the rides cater to a younger audience, you still have the lively childlike nature brimming in you; you will enjoy this place—a cosy place to relive your childhood days between your action-packed gambling life.

gambling life

Atlantic City Aquarium

For those who want delight in a getaway from the roulette wheel and slot machines. If you are an aficionado of marine organisms, you have your magic bullet in the Atlantic City Aquarium.

Your eyes will feast on various marine exhibits, animal enclosures, sweeping tanks brimming with a marine ecosystem, and an overload of environmental information. The location of the aquarium is the legendary Gardner’s Basin, which bestows on you a plethora of places to revel in your favourite cuisine, water events, and shopping.


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September 1, 2020

First time at a casino? Here’s what you need to know

Since you have decided to make your first voyage to a brick and mortar casino, you might be exhilarated. Along the same note, being to a casino might ring bells of uneasiness or curiosity about what to expect of the place.

The thought of uncertainty is quite understandable. Being a newbie to a place can be quiet intimidating. The first thing you might notice in the land casino would be that you would find yourself trapped in the pomp and show of a glamorous setting. You might then find different types of games, from slots and poker to blackjack and roulette. People of all kinds, those on a night out, bachelor parties, dressed up women, champagnes, beers, light-ups, and many more. All these forms the gist of what you would see on a night out in casinos. These are just commonplace experiences at a casino.

As a fresher to the casino halls, you would be both excited and tensed about where to start. First things first: Remember, you’re at the casino to have fun and never get overwhelmed at the new settings. Let’s now look at some of the must-know in your first visit.


Age restriction

This might not strike you at first. Depending on which country you might be traveling, the age restriction varies. In the US alone, different states allow different age groups ranging from 18-21. In Europe, the age bar is lifted from 18 years. You might be astonished to know that Greece has restricted the age group to 23!

Do your math, be sure you’re past the age, carry your IDs, or passports, and some transaction cards. Though you might be availing of online service, the server would make sure you’re of the legal age.

Follow rules

No big deal! You might say but sure does. Every brick and mortar casino has its own rule of the house. You better know them before you get kicked out for not keeping them. Dress codes, game rules, smoking, and drinking rules differ from place to place. All these depend on the place you visit.

Online casinos have their edge on this one, as neither dress code nor a bottle of beer in your hand doesn’t matter. Be sure to ask the housekeepers before you attempt a photograph with your mate in the casino. Knowing the rules and sticking to them is the key to a smooth visit.


Take your time and familiarise

Well, once you are in, have a good glance around the rooms. Don’t jump into games. Have a look at the tables, kind of people around with a plethora of gaming experience. The golden rule remains that you never get carried away by the glitz and colour everywhere. Stay focused while enjoying the fun around.

Researching your way may be intimidating at first. It’s always better to be a spectator at the games, observe each betting, and get to know its maths. Playing online is yet another way to get started. Get help from the casino staff as they would want you to have good gaming experience. The secret lies in familiarising yourself with the game and the surroundings.

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August 25, 2020

The Addictive Nature of Gambling

The act of gambling is a celebrated phenomenon globally and is considered a phenomenal pleasurable activity by adults worldwide. Gambling is made available in ask forms with a melange of opportunities for the gambler from placing a wager on sports, to land-based and online casinos, private parties with friends, and forms an integral part of your circadian life.

However, some people fall prey to the compelling attribute of gambling, furnishing them with an addictive high. What is the psychology that triggers gamblers to keep at stake their entire world despite a bleak probability of winning a payout?

Early Big Win

This can factor as a crucial element that accelerates compulsive gambling. An event of experiencing an early mammoth win in the early stages of gambling. The titillation of winning a lofty amount can sometimes spellbind a novice; this enables the player to be overconfident and makes him think that these wins are effortless for a gambler like him.

Big Win

Easy Access to Gambling

Gambling is omnipresent. The advent of online casinos engendered to satiate the craving of gamblers by conferring on them a myriad of opportunities to gamble. This has augmented the accessibility and agility of gamblers.

If the act of gambling was an arduous one, this might be a simple enough reason that will act as a setback. In contrast, if the act is as effortless as clicking a link, then this can enkindle gambling addiction to a colossal extent.

Failure to Monitor Wins and Losses

This is where many gamblers fail miserably. Not every gambler returns triumphant, but it is instead a necessity that every gambler maintains an extensive note on their wins and losses throughout their gambling escapade.

Once this tabulation is done, it will facilitate players to evaluate their progress in terms of gambling. Otherwise, the clandestine peril will lead players to focus on their wins and neglect their losses.


Personal Stress

Just like how people seek solace in alcohol, drugs, or smoking in a similar manner, problematic individuals view gambling as a means of escapism from their quotidian vexation. Then it would be best if you scrutinized yourself because this is a red symbol ahead of you, indicating that you are altering from a gambler to a compulsive gambler.

Do not find refuge in gambling as a means of venting out your stress after the divorce, or job loss, etc. if you can regulate yourself and enjoy this emotional freedom, then the act of gambling is self-medication. Still, otherwise, it can effectuate your doom.


Nature of Gambling 0 Comment
August 21, 2020

The Most Profitable Countries for Gambling

Concurrently, the gambling industry has witnessed a gargantuan growth with an influx in countries legalizing gambling and with an amplified number of people enjoying access to casinos. This has aided gambling in attaining the stature of a thrilling variant of amusement. However, the unrivalled bulwarks of gambling are relished by Las Vegas and Macau. At the same time, specific countries appear to be principal for gamblers in a comprehensive manner, while many others promise behemoth pay-outs for gamblers.

The Most Profitable Countries for Gamblers

There are numerous countries that do not tax gambling winnings, yet there are always exceptions. These notable exceptions include Spain and the US, where your winnings are taxed as part of personal income at a rate of 10% to 40%. However, if you can verify your losses, you could reduce your tax implications.

Winners in France pay a 12% tax every time they win more than 1500 Euros. At the same time, in Norway, only over NOK 10,000 are taxable when the winnings are from outside the country. However, Germany is the magic bullet for gamblers considering the augmented wins and minimised losses.

Germany does not facilitate the system of paying tax on gambling winnings and has the added incentive of possessing the lowest rates of betting losses per capita. The diminished ubiquity of compulsive gambling paired with a mammoth gambling industry, makes Berlin the antidote for a gambler.


Where Do Most Progressive Jackpot Winners Reside?

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot is Herculean. Your chance of winning is 1 in 7,484,400. This means your odds of emerging triumphant is implausible; you might transcend into a Hollywood celebrity but not have won a single slot.

However, Lady Luck has bequeathed her good fortune on some of the gamblers who are lucky enough to have won it and hail from the same countries. While examining the titles of Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, and Mega Moolah, of which top-notch ten champions three were based in Finland, three from Sweden, two were residents of the UK, and another two were from Norway.

For Lady Luck to endow you with a passionate stroke in progressive slots, you might have to relocate to a Scandinavian country.

Progressive Jackpot

Countries with Colossal Gambling Industries

No country can outstrip the US and China, the two most impressive lucrative gambling markets across the globe. China is the paramount gambling market with a $37.9 billion profit, closely followed by the US with $30.4 billion. These profits are much amplified than the Hollywood industry, which ushers $11.4 billion at the box office.

In comparison, when you analyse the highest per capita profits in the gambling industry, Australia tops the first three. This is facilitated by an average $736 loss per individual, which is then directly escorted into the operators’ resources. However, this country guides a massive pokies culture resurgence, with one for every 114 people in the country.


Profitable Country 0 Comment
August 15, 2020

Top 3 Casino Cities You Must Visit Other than Vegas and Macau

There are a lot of casinos present in the world but Las Vegas and Macau are the only places we know? Do not worry; we are here to help you out. Why not we go for a hunt to find some of the best casino cities other than Macau and Vegas? Of course, the casinos are fun and filled with joy, but who doesn’t love a change in their gambling life? If you are looking for something special and an evening filled with entertainment and merriment, check these top casinos found in the different parts of the world. Without much ado, let us go deep into the article.

MGM National Harbor

If you ever visit the United States, you know where to head, MGM National Harbor of course! The place is an exquisite space filled with fun and games. The casinos found in MGM National Harbor are filled with beautiful sites situated at the aisles of Potomac River. The place is sure to bring a Vegas to feel into your inner self the moment you step inside the casino premises. One can find amazing spa space with grant casino floors with tables filled with coins and tingling of cocktails. Perhaps you might have heard of Marcus Samuelsson and Jose Andres, yes, the great celebrity Chefs! What if we say MGM National Harbour have their restaurants in them? Not only that, if you wish to go for a short trip to Washington D. C. and the White House they are just a few minutes away from this auspicious casino.

MGM National Harbor

The Caribbean

The second one on the list is none other than The Caribbean! Of course, the Caribbean is famous for its calm waters and tropical drinks, but one thing we don’t know about the land is that it is also famous for casinos! There are a lot of casinos found in the land. Royal Beach Casino in St. Kitts or the Renaissance Curacao is famous for its reels and luck in Jackpots. Not only that, but the Atlantis and Bahamas are very famous for its top-notch in offering 85 gambling card games. Imagine a relaxed evening with a beach site and gambling to your heart’s content.

Bay Sands

The third casino that does not fall under Vegas and Macau is situated in Bay Sands. Bay Sand is situated at the base of Singapore and is worth visiting. The building as well the premises cost around $5.5 billion to construct. Even though the amount is huge, the place is amazingly filled with casinos and fun. The place is an astounding sculpture of a building having many floors where you can find SkyPark on the 57th floor. You might wonder what is very peculiar about the place. Well, it is the only place found on land that has 500 Tables games and more than 2500 slot machines exclusively for its customers to play the entire evening.

Casino City 0 Comment
August 11, 2020

Top 3 Places to Visit if you are an Ardent Traveler and a Casino Gambler!

Vacations are something we would wait to get away and get lost to enjoy yourself alone or with family.  It is not news that people love gambling and finds it fascinating to spend money through gambling and try luck by visiting a gambling space, casino. If you are looking for an escape to an adventure-filled amazing trip to some of the places that occupy some of the best casinos, this is the right article for you. People love to explore the land, be wanderlust, and gamble to their heart’s content. In this article, we will look more into some of the best gambling places you can visit and enjoy. In short, the post is about gambling trips you would never want to miss out. Sit back, grab a notepad, and start listing the next vacation point from the below-given list.

Atlantic City

Situated at seashore, the Atlantic City and the casinos that reside in the land are worth visiting. The city has given birth to some of the greatest casinos found in the world. One can gamble and have fun the entire night at Atlantic City. Not only has the land got some amazing casinos, but suites, spas, and even dining places that make it unique and elegant. One is sure to get a heavenly experience just by visiting some of the casinos like Vegas-style Borgata, The Pier Shops at Caesars, and even The Quarter at Tropicana. The land has got some amazing nightlife that is worth spending your money.

Atlantic City

Goa, India

India is already famous for its versatile culture and practices. The country is famous for casinos as well. Even though the casino laws and regulations are strict, there is only one place in India where you can find casinos, Goa. India is a colorful country, if you wish to visit India sometime; you can escape and experience gambling trips to Goa. One can gamble facing the sea and the soft white sand. Some of the greatest casinos found in Goa are Casino Pride Goa and King’s Casino Goa. The state has also got a casino cruise named MS Caravela who can occupy almost 270 players on board.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Being the novice in the gambling and casino space, Niagara Falls, Ontario is a place where you can visit for a gambling experience as well as explore the city. The casinos have got some pretty big promises in the games allotted t their players. Having the most amazing waterfall view, the land is famous for casinos like Casino Niagara, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, and Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel. Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort faced the Canadian side of the Falls and Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel, facing the American side of the Falls.

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August 8, 2020

Top 4 Destination with Casinos You Will Never Regret Knowing

Gambling is just like any other merriment procedure. There is much reason why people gamble. Some of them gamble to win a huge pack of money, some take it as a recreation process, and some gamble to do some charity works. Some gamblers love to gamble to escape from their stressed environment and to cope up with the mood swings and changes. Whatever the case is, gambling has always been a favorite therapy for many people throughout the globe. In the following article, we will look more into the various famous destinations one can visit not only to gamble but also to explore as well. Without much ado, let us go right into the article.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Even though San Juan, Puerto Rico is famous for its music, amazing food, and mesmerizing cultural dwellings, the place is also home to some of the greatest casinos found in the world. Many of the tourists still don’t know about it. The casinos found in San Juan, Puerto Rico are quite expensive. But the architecture, culture, and even the nightlife have a lot to talk about the place. There are a lot of casinos found in the great San Juan, Puerto Rico, and some of them comprise of Ritz Carlton San Juan Casino and Spa and the Stellaris Casino. You don’t have to think about changing the currency in Puerto Rico as the land is a US territory; US currency is approved in many casinos found in the land.

Aruba, Caribbean

The second one on the list is none other than Aruba, Caribbean. The Caribbean is already famous for its beaches and resorts. The other area why the land is famous is for its casinos. All the casinos found on the beachside will give you the vacation breeze with relaxing content and even mix the vacation with tropical life. Some of the great casinos found on the island comprise of Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Hotel, the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris, and the Ritz Carlton Aruba.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport, Louisiana

The third one on the list is the famous Shreveport, Louisiana. If you want to experience hospitality from the south, this is the accurate place. Not only have they got land-based casinos they also consist as many as six riverboat casinos. You must not forget to visit and check out Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino and Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport for a lively effect. Not only these, but the land also consists of Margaritaville Resort Casino and Diamond Jacks Casino & Resort. The casinos found in the land also give good payouts and have more than 1300 slots to be precise.

Biloxi, Mississippi

The last one on the list is none other than the Biloxi, Mississippi. The land is not only famous for beaches but also a few casinos as well. These casinos along with some good games offer golf courses, entertainment, and fine dining. Some of the few casinos found in the land are Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and Boomtown Casino to name a few.

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August 4, 2020

Top 4 Heart Whelming Casinos Found in Los Angeles

We all know that the casino is a wonderful time to spend the entire night or evening or even the complete day if you love the atmosphere and loves to gamble. The first picture that pops up in mind is perhaps Las Vegas when we think of a casino, but many other prominent casinos around the world are embraced by the players. In this post, we will see some of the famous casinos found in Los Angeles. It is also true that casinos are one of the reasons why gamblers and other tourists visit the place. Before mentioning the casinos, there are precisely two types of casinos found in the land; Card room and Indian Casinos. You can play poker in the former one and card games in the latter one. Without creating any further fuss let us go right into the topic.

Bicycle Hotel and Casino

Located at Bell Gardens, California, the casino is famous for its lounge, spa, and even the VIP Card room! The casino was build dating back to 1984. If you are an ardent gambler who loves to play any kind of game at a casino, this is the ideal place for your merriment. The casino was founded by George Hardie Sr. and offers Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven Card Stud; Omaha hold ’em, three card poker Mexican Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and other card games.

Bicycle Hotel and Casino

Hollywood Park Casino

Even though Hollywood Park Casino was built initially to practice horse racing, it was later converted into the casino. It was in the year 2013, the casino was remodeled. The particular casino offers 125tables for poker and many other California Games. It is situated in Inglewood, California. Not only that the casino floor also offers an entirely separate space for the high rollers. The other casino games provided by the casino include Omaha hold ’em, three card poker Mexican Poker.

Hustler Casino

Situated at the Gardena, California, the casino offers many poker and blackjack games. It is owned by the great Hustler magazine publisher named; Larry Flynt. The casino also offers many legendary tournaments like the biggest seven-card stud game in the world. Not only is that the casino offers tableside services as well. One can easily get attracted to the casino due to its Card room, conference room, and lastly the poker tournament.

Hustler Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino is situated in Temecula, California. It is by far the most amazing Indian Casinos found in Los Angeles. It is also titled for having the greatest casino floor combining all the casino floors in California. The main attraction here is the slot machines and has more than 100 rooms for the guests and customers.



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